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Ultimate Guide to Hire a Cleaning Company in Singapore

Updated: 6 days ago

Cleaning Company in Singapore

Whether it is the Chinese New Year or any other special event, house cleaning emerges as the most important task during the preparations. However, due to the busy lifestyle of most Singaporeans, it is often difficult to spare enough time for a good cleaning session. Taking this issue into consideration, cleaning companies around the country have started offering all kinds of home and office cleaning services to fulfill your cleaning requirements just as you wish. In the competitive market, finding a reliable cleaning company is tougher than you think. Here are the factors that you need to consider when hiring a cleaning company in Singapore.

Evaluate Your Requirements

1. What do you need to clean?

Before calling a cleaning company, you need to decide what items of your place should be cleaned, or which areas should be covered. Different cleaning companies provide packages with different combos of services. According to your requirement, you may choose what suits you the best. The general package includes dusting, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, and arranging your home. However, if you expect a deep cleaning session, you may specify your request to the cleaning company.

2. How often do you want the service?

Unless you are opting for the standard one-time cleaning session, you may want to get your home cleaned on a regular basis. If you are expecting more frequent visits, you can go for a regular cleaning service offered on a designated number of visits. The frequency may vary as weekly, monthly, etc. However, if your dream is to live in a pristinely clean house, or if you suffer from asthma, eczema, or other allergies, it is recommended to call for a more frequent cleaning services in Singapore.

3. What is your budget?

After deciding your cleaning requirements, you need to estimate how much money you would allocate for the task. Once you fix your budget, you may compare the charges of different cleaning companies in your area and contact the one that offers all your required services within your budget limit.

Pick a Service

1. Legal protection first

Every cleaning company is responsible for the safety of your property as well as the well-being of their employees. Therefore, they are bound to run background checks on their employees, provide workers’ compensations, and deal with insurance issues on time. To ensure the security of your belongings as well as the safety of the cleaners, make sure to sign an agreement with the company prior to starting the work.

2. Compare potential companies

When choosing a cleaning company, it is recommended to compare a few potential companies on the services they offer and the amounts they charge. You need to make sure to confirm whether they charge a flat rate for a session, an hourly fee, or a room-by-room charge. Before selecting a company, you need to ensure that the cost does not get out of control. Therefore, do the necessary comparisons and clear all your doubts beforehand.

3. Ask about extra charges

It is a common practice of cleaning companies to offer add-on services apart from the regular services included in the package. However, these add-on services come with extra charges. If your expected tasks are not included in the package, you may request add-on services after confirming the relevant charges from the company.

4. Ask what cleaning products they use

When opting for cleaning services from a company, it is important to know which cleaning products they use for the tasks. Especially if you have children, pets, or sensitive surfaces, the cleaning solutions used should be mild and non-toxic. If you have any chemical allergies, you can ask for safe solution options from your cleaning company.

Pick the Best Company

If you have checked out all the above factors, you are ready to make a decision. Once you receive satisfying answers to all your questions, you may choose the cleaning company that complies with your conditions, the best among the listed potential companies. If you are looking for a reliable cleaning company in Singapore, contact SparkCleanz at +6597822035 to enjoy an extensive range of cleaning services at the best rates in the market.

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