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Retail Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

SparkCleanz offers the most comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Singapore!

When it comes to commercial cleaning, SparkCleanz is your one-stop destination for all types of commercial cleaning services in Singapore. Our experience in the local industry, combined with some of the most qualified technical staff, has enabled us to introduce affordability into the commercial cleaning business. Unlike traditional service providers, SparkCleanz improves the quality of your property with our commercial cleaning services in Singapore. 


At SparkCleanz, we take pride in implementing the most effective cleaning practices for affordable prices. Our commercial cleaning services include retail cleaning, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, and condo cleaning.

Retail Cleaning Services in Singapore

Shopping malls in Singapore are usually crowded with shoppers, families, and foodies. They could be there for a quick bite, to spend the weekend with their family or friends, or to do their grocery shopping. Whatever their reason for visiting, they are all looking for an appealing and clean environment in which to carry out their activities. This is why retail store and shopping mall management places importance in maintaining store and mall appearance in order to retain customers.


Hiring retail cleaning services will improve the overall appearance of commercial buildings or stores, attracting more customers.

Retail Cleaning Tasks

  • Cleaning the storefront window

  • Dusting furniture and all fixtures

  • Carpet shampooing or floor waxing

  • Cleaning glasses, shelves, and mirrors

  • Sanitizing the restroom and thoroughly cleaning the entire facility

  • sweeping and vacuuming the floor

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We guarantee high-quality services with the use of high-quality materials.

  • We provide high-tech cleaning services.

  • We only hire trustworthy, honest, and reliable staff and only use safe materials and procedures.

  • We offer affordable rates to fit any budget.

Our commercial cleaning services in Singapore always go above and beyond to ensure that clients are satisfied with the final result.SparkCleanz is the place to go when you want the best commercial cleaning services in Singapore.

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