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 Floor Cleaning Services

Why replace your floor when SparkCleanz floor cleaning service in Singapore provides similar benefits at a lower cost?


It is the floor that contains a large number of germs in places such as your home, an office, and even commercial areas like shopping malls. Although most floors appear clean, various tiny and life-threatening germs crawl on them and may eventually make their way into your food, bed sheets, and daily equipment. As a result, people become ill and suffer from a variety of health problems. While floor replacement can provide you with completely new surfaces, it will certainly burn a large hole in your pocket. The most cost-effective way to achieve clean, shining surfaces is to do a floor cleaning in Singapore.

All Singapore residents and businesses have various types of floors. Marble is one of the most popular flooring materials. There are also houses and commercial establishments with tile and wooden flooring. You cannot clean different types of floors with the same cleaning product and cleaning method. If you use an abrasive cleaning agent, you risk damaging the floor.

SparkCleanz floor cleaning service in Singapore specialises in providing satisfying and customized service to both our residential and commercial clients.

Why Choose SparkCleanz Floor Cleaning Service In Singapore?

At SparkCleanz floor cleaning service in Singapore, we work with highly skilled cleaners. Our cleaners use high-quality cleaning solutions and effective techniques to thoroughly clean the floor without causing any damage. We also bring the most recent cleaning equipment to expedite the cleaning process. We clean the floor of all germs, stains, and clutter, leaving you with a gleaming surface to walk on. 

SparkCleanz floor cleaning service in Singapore guarantees to send only highly experienced cleaners to our client's spaces. As evidenced by our positive reviews, we have worked tirelessly to clean various houses and commercial spaces in Singapore over the last few years.

We provide a wide range of other residential and commercial cleaning services, including house cleaning, one-time cleaning, weekly house cleaning,  move in/move out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and aircon cleaning. Since our cleaning services are available throughout Singapore at reasonable prices, we provide hassle-free booking made possible by our team of friendly customer service representatives.

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