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Office Disinfection Services: Cleaning Tips and Ideas

Updated: Apr 16

Clean Office after Disinfection Services

Disinfection has always been there among the chores throughout human civilization. From natural to artificial disinfection methods have evolved. At the peak of an ongoing pandemic, disinfection has become a crucial part of our lives. Disinfecting homes, workplaces, and public spaces have become an extra burden to everyone. However, not to worry, to lessen the burden, office disinfection services have emerged right at your hand.

Cleaning a workplace is not an easy task, considering perfection. But office disinfection services have made it easy for you. In this high-risk time of the flu and the new coronavirus, it is very important to keep workplaces like the office clean. Most offices are closed, air-conditioned environments where bacteria and viruses circulate in the same air. Considering that, all workplaces must take proper disinfection into a serious note to maintain the health and safety of employees and customers.

If you are a business owner, or in charge of the cleanliness of an office environment, and find it difficult to handle, you can always rely on trustworthy Singapore office cleaning services. However, you too can follow up with some cleaning tips and ideas to maintain the hygiene of your working environment.

How to keep your office environment clean?

1. One-way wipe down

Wiping is what we simply do to clean a surface. But did you know that disinfection becomes highly inefficient if you wipe up and down on the same surface? Once you wipe down a surface, germs stick on the surface of the cleaning equipment, and wiping up would set them back on the surface. So, make sure once you wipe down, there’s no wiping up.

2. Color-coded cleaning

Segregating the staff and cleaning equipment by implying a color code is a highly recommended, convenient, and practical method of maintaining the hygiene of an office. It avoids the chances of mixing up equipment and contaminating clean areas.

3. Know your chemicals

Chemicals are used in almost all methods of disinfecting. You should have sound knowledge about the chemicals that you use for different purposes. For instance, the disinfectants that we use for domestic purposes claim to destroy 99.9% of germs, but experts say that many fail to fight against new coronavirus. In these kinds of situations, you need to know which chemical can get rid of which contaminant.

4. Tech disinfection

As important as it is to keep common areas like restrooms, dining areas, and lobbies clean, it is crucial to keep frequently used tech devices like telephones, computers, and other machines disinfected for the safety of the employees. From the working desks to keyboards, every surface that you touch must be disinfected to keep harmful bacteria and viruses away.

5. Handwashing and sanitizing is a must

It is the pandemic that suddenly hyped frequent handwashing, however, to prevent contamination and spread of germs, regardless of the pandemic, handwashing and sanitizing should be promoted in every office environment. It takes only 30 seconds to effectively clean out germs from your hands with the use of proper chemicals and water, but it prevents the spread of a vast number of diseases and infections.

What do office disinfectant services offer?

When the workload gets heavy and keeping your office disease-free becomes an extra headache, you can easily call a reliable cleaning service to relieve the weight. Professional cleaning services agency in Singapore follow up standard methods of cleaning and the services generally include:

  1. Eliminating 99.9% of virus and bacteria

  2. Anti-microbial coating

  3. Electrostatic mist spraying

  4. Non-toxic food safe

  5. Following NEA guidelines

Living at the climax of a pandemic, all of us need to keep our workplaces disinfected. Proper disinfection is the most efficient method of fighting bacterial and viral diseases, and professional office disinfectant services are right at your service to keep you safe and healthy whenever you are in need.

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