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Spring Cleaning Services In Singapore

Spring cleaning is a major whole-house task that necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. If your home is large, you must work quickly to sweep away all bad luck.


Balancing the obligations of working with hectic schedules and family on top of your household's monthly chores can be difficult for busy professionals. While cleaning your house yourself may be sufficient to keep it clean, you must ensure that cleaning is done correctly.


SparkCleanz Spring cleaning services in Singapore provide the best house cleaning services that last the longest possible time. We, as one of the deep cleaning services in Singapore, are here to help you with your spring cleaning duties with some heavy-duty cleaning and get you ready for the festivities in no time! Say good-bye to time-consuming chores and hello to SparkCleanz's Spring cleaning services in Singapore! 

"They were really professional and trustworthy, and did such a great job deep cleaning our kitchen, which was in a terrible greasy mess as we haven't been able to clean properly for a few years now."

June Juniadin, HDB Sembawang Crescent

Spring Cleaning Standard Tasks

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning empty shelves and wardrobes, loose furniture and surface tops

Toilet Washing

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting mirrors, wash basins, bathtubs, the floor, and wall tiles.



Vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping all types of floors within the household.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Degreasing of Hob & Hood (exclude hood filter), cabinets (if empty), exposed wall tiles, the surface of appliances, and kitchen sink.

Cobweb Cleaning

Cobweb Cleaning

Removal of cobwebs on all underside wall structure and ceilings of normal height.

Windows & Doors Cleaning

Window and Door Cleaning

Cleaning doors, windows, and grills from both inside and outside.

Fans & Lights Cleaning

Cleaning Fans & Lights

Dusting and cleaning ceiling, wall, and standing fans and lights and lampshades.

Please note :​

  1. The suggested cleaning duration is only an indicative guideline based on the average time required to clean a house of a similar size.

  2. Additional tasks and certain house conditions may require longer cleaning durations.

  3. The minimum duration allocated for a cleaning session is 3 hours.

  4. The customer is expected to provide all cleaning materials and equipment required for the task.

  5. All cleaning tasks strictly are carried out at the height of the cleaner.

Spring Cleaning Add-On Tasks

Interviewed In Person

Oven Cleaning

Interviewed In Person

Hood Filter Degreasing

Interviewed In Person

Fridge Cleaning (Interior)

Interviewed In Person

Blinds Cleaning

Interviewed In Person

High Pressure Jet Spray (Outdoor)

Please note :​

  1. The suggested cleaning duration is only an indicative guideline based on the average time required to complete a task.

  2. Cleaning windows is only done at a safe height for the cleaner.

  3. Standing fans have to be disassembled before the cleaning task starts.

  4. Fridge contents have to be emptied before the cleaning task starts.

 Spring Cleaning Excluded Tasks

No Cleaning Of Exterior Window

NO Bulky Item Off-Site Disposal

No Cleaning Ceiling Fan and Lights

NO Cement and Paint Stains Removal

No Cleaning Oven And Fridge

NO Adhesive Removal

No Cleaning Aircon

NO Pest Control Services

No Washing Curtains/Blinds

NO Window Films Removal

Disclaimer : 

Do understand that we reserve the right to turn down service if there are unforeseen circumstances that may put our professionals’ safety at risk. As much as we would like to please all our customers, our helpers’ well-being is of utmost priority, and we sincerely apologize if we are not able to serve you under such conditions.

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