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Mattress Cleaning in Singapore

Get a better night’s sleep with SparkCleanz mattress cleaning in Singapore


Investing in a good mattress can be costly, so making sure it lasts as long as possible and remains as fresh as the day you bought it is essential. Mattresses are one of the dirtiest pieces of furniture in the house, despite the fact that they are used at least 6 hours per day. Over time, a mattress can collect dead skin cells, dust, and sweat. A filthy mattress does not sound appealing after a long day at work, does it?


Mattress cleaning in Singapore is especially important due to the humid environment in Singapore, where surface sweat and moisture can promote the growth of microorganisms like house dust mites, mould, and bacteria within the mattress. You may be allergic to the excrements of house dust mites that feed primarily on your dead skin cells in the mattress if you have allergies such as eczema or asthma. Also, if you have pets or small children, your mattress may have stains that are hidden by your bedsheets. To safely remove these stains and organic odours, you'll need professional cleaning products and trained professionals for a thorough treatment.


Having your mattress cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis may extend the life of your mattress. Removing embedded dirt from your mattress relieves unnecessary weight that compresses the mattress upholstery.

Why SparkCleanz Mattress Cleaning Service?

Assurance of security

SparkCleanz mattress cleaning in Singapore uses patented technology, specifically designed and manufactured for mattress cleaning, which has been approved by leading mattress manufacturers and has been tested safe for the majority of upholstery cleaning in Singapore.


100% dry

We don't use any moisture or chemical products during or after the mattress cleaning service, so your mattress stays dry. Most importantly, once the mattress cleaning process is completed, you can immediately sleep on the freshly cleaned mattress. It's quick, simple, and accessible!

Chemical F\free

SparkCleanz cleans and sanitises mattresses without using harmful chemicals, so there is no chemical residue left after the cleaning treatment is finished. Babies, the elderly, and pets are all safe.

Proven to work

With over 20 years of mattress cleaning experience, SparkCleanz's mattress cleaning in Singapore has proven to thoroughly remove dust, dead skin flakes, body fluid residue, dust mites and excrements, and other microorganisms entrenched in mattresses 


Are you worried about how to get your mattress cleaned? Don't worry! We've got you covered. SparkCleanz mattress cleaning in Singapore will clean your mattress using eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning products and cutting-edge dry cleaning technology to achieve excellent cleaning results.

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