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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SparkCleanz ensure the safety and effectiveness of its professional cleaning services in Singapore?
    Our professional cleaning services in Singapore prioritize the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, assuring both the safety of your area and the efficacy of our cleaning techniques. We ensure a germ-free and sanitary atmosphere for your peace of mind by utilizing modern disinfection technologies.
  • What distinguishes SparkCleanz as a professional cleaning company in Singapore?
    SparkCleanz is more than simply a cleaning company in Singapore; we are a devoted team of professional cleaners with a passion for impeccable cleaning. Our dedication to perfection, together with our years of industry experience, has established us as a prominent professional cleaning company trusted by various companies and individuals throughout Singapore.
  • How does SparkCleanz, Singapore's leading professional cleaning company, achieve constant quality?
    As a top-tier professional cleaning company in Singapore, we maintain quality control procedures and offer our employees extensive training. We ensure consistent excellence in our cleaning services by adhering to high standards and regularly updating our procedures, fulfilling the different needs of our valued customers.
  • What is the difference between regular housekeeping and one-time cleaning?
    Our housekeeping service helps to regularly maintain the general order and cleanliness of your home providing homeowners a clean and healthy environment to stay in. Suitable for customers who : have full-time jobs with little or no time to clean the house are limited by physical ability such as pregnancy, elderly or due to illness have sleeping arrangements in your home that are inconvenient for a full-time maid want to spend more time with their family Our one-time house cleaning service is a more in-depth cleaning whereby it can be customized according to different occasions and cleaning needs. Our professional cleaners are trained in performing these tasks. Suitable for customers looking for cleaning services such as: End of Tenancy or Handover Cleaning Pre-Move In Cleaning Post Renovation Cleaning Spring Cleaning prior to the festive season or special occasions
  • What is the purpose of a house assessment?
    In order for us to better understand your cleaning needs and current condition of the house, we always recommend that customers allow us to arrange a house assessment prior to the cleaning session. This will ensure a more accurate and fair quotation before deciding to engage our services. This house/office assessment is a free service with no obligations. For unassessed cleaning sites prior to the cleaning session, additional charges may apply to add-on tasks and conditions/layout of the house/office upon site inspection by SparkCleanz. Differences in prices will be discussed with customers before the start of the work.
  • Does your company provide cleaning equipment and solutions?
    For regular housekeeping, homeowners are to provide the necessary cleaning equipment and cleaning agents for the cleaning session. If there is a need for us to provide a cleaning startup kit, the customer needs to inform us in advance and additional charges shall apply accordingly. For one-time cleaning, SparkCleanz will provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and solutions. Equipment and cleaning agents used are of top quality, biodegradable and gentle enough for all types of surfaces and safe enough for your newborns or toddlers at home.
  • How do I pay for my booking?
    Customers are obligated to pay the full payment prior to the agreed cleaning session(s) to serve as a booking confirmation. SparkCleanz reserves the right to cancel any cleaning session(s) where late or no payment is made 3 days before the cleaning session(s). You can pay by Cash, Cheque, I-Banking transfer or online Credit Card. For Cash, please hand it over to our Customer Relationship Manager only. For Cheque, it should be crossed and made payable to SPARKCLEANZ PTE. LTD. For I-Banking, please transfer to UOB Corporate Current 396-308-598-0 and indicate the Invoice Number. For Credit Card, an invoice will be sent to you which contains the Credit Card payment link.
  • How do I reschedule or cancel a booked session?
    1. Regular housekeeping and office cleaning Any request to reschedule any booked session should be given to us with 1 week notice in advance by calling the SparkCleanz’s sales office or otherwise through email subject to the availability of our cleaners. Confirmation has to come from SparkCleanz before any changes are considered effective. For cancellation of unused cleaning sessions, only 50% of the unused sessions amount will be refunded. 2. One Time Cleaning Any request to reschedule any booked session should be given to us with 48 hours notice in advance by calling the SparkCleanz’s sales office or otherwise through email subject to availability of our cleaners. Confirmation has to come from SparkCleanz before any changes are considered effective. For cancellation of the scheduled cleaning service before 48 hours, an admin fee of $50 will be charged to the invoice. For cancellation of the scheduled cleaning service within 48 hours, only 50% of the invoice amount will be refunded.
  • What are the cleaning materials I need to provide for housekeeping?
    Having and using the right tools, equipment and cleaning chemicals can actually improve cleaning efficiency, speed and cleanliness greatly. We suggest that you have these cleaning supplies readily available for our cleaners to assist in giving your home a good cleaning session : Kitchen degreaser Multi-purpose cleaning solution Bathroom and toilet bowl cleaning solution Floor solution (correct cleaning solution for your home's different types of flooring) Floor brushes Mop, bucket with wringer (otherwise, magic mop and wipes) Vacuum (please do teach the cleaner how to use the vacuum if necessary) Scouring pads and sponges Buckets / Pails Cleaning cloths for different areas Microfiber Glass / Mirror cloths It is important to provide the right cloth to ensure you have your desired cleaning results.
  • What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?
    The key to minimizing these issues is to share your expectations as a customer right at the start with our housekeeper. From what clothes to use at which area, to how you want the floors to be cleaned, with which solution and even sequence of cleaning your home. Take the time to share these expectations with our housekeeper so that they can clean up your expectations. That said if you're not totally satisfied with the cleaning, just let us know within 24 hours of your cleaning session. We'll review your request and work out a preferred solution with you.
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