Aircon Servicing

Most homes and offices in Singapore rely on air conditioners to provide a more conducive environment. However, most of the people tends to overlook the fact that their AC units need regular aircon servicing in order to function efficiently.

Aircon servicing include a thorough cleaning of air filters that have accumulated dust and pollutants over a period of time. Clean air filters ensure healthy air circulation indoors, which then prevents any spread of bacteria that can trigger health issues such as allergies.


Routine checks are done to ensure every part of the AC unit is working properly. Through such inspections, small issues and faulty parts can be detected and fixed immediately. High performing AC unit that is regularly maintained can prevent major aircon problems, such as leakages, that may lead to costly AC repairs.

Regular aircon servicing also helps to improve the efficiency and performance of the AC units, thus enjoying lower electricity bills in the long run.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

In situations where normal aircon servicing will not suffice due to the condition of an aircon, aircon chemical overhaul is carried out on AC units to restore their optimal performance.

Unlike normal aircon servicing, aircon chemical overhaul offers a more thorough cleaning of the AC units.  Our professional technicians cover the following steps when doing an aircon chemical overhaul:

  • Fully uncoupling and dismantling of the aircon conditioning individual units.

  • Cleaning of the air conditioning external panels and covers, including all covers and housing units to the sides, bottom, and top of the air conditioner.

  • Chemical cleaning of the evaporated/condenser coils.

  • Chemical cleaning/vacuuming of the water drainage pipe.

  • Inspection of the refrigerant system and topping it up with refrigerant gas.

  • Evaluating the operating conditions of the air conditioner’s blower fan motor and thermistor as well as the application of lubricants to smoothen functionality.

  • Inspection of major electrical connections for safety and correct circuiting.

  • Checking for causes of uncommon noises and/or odour generated during the operation of air conditioners.

  • Ensuring that no water leakage problem occurs when aircon is operating.

After an aircon chemical overhaul, the AC units should be able to produce cleaner and stronger air flow and at the same time saving on electricity bills because of its improved efficiency.

Our Pricing

Please note :​

  1. Customer will be informed of any parts found faulty during servicing, additional cost will be advised to the Customer if replacement is requested/required at the Customer's approval.

  2. If additional gas top-up is required for normal aircon servicing, additional charges applies at the Customer's approval.

  3. Additional surcharge applies for service site within CBD and Sentosa areas.