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Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore

SparkCleanz has been providing high-quality carpet cleaning services to customers all across Singapore since 2016 as an NEA-licensed professional cleaning business.

All of our cleaners are only given assignments to operate in safe environments since SparkCleanz carefully complies with the Workplace Safety and Health Act. We have a team of dependable employees who have a keen eye for detail and an excellent work ethic. Our crew is well-trained and adequately insured to guarantee that our customers receive top-notch service.

How we clean carpets

We employ a specialised hot water extraction cleaning method for our carpet cleaning service. With no chemical residue left over, our carpet cleaning procedure effectively eliminates 96% of dust mites, embedded muck, filth, odour, and the majority of stains.

Which carpet/rug cleaning method suits my needs?

Why Choose SparkCleanz Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • We offer deep cleaning remedies. By using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that don't leave any residue behind during the final extraction, we remove all the dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpet. 


  • We employ robust, cutting-edge cleaning tools to virtually extract all water and debris, leaving your carpet with little moisture and giving you a fresh, clean carpet that dries quickly and produces the greatest results. 


  • We offer affordable pricing for our carpet cleaning services and as a result, you may take advantage of our services without worrying about going over budget. 

Our expert carpet cleaning services focus primarily on disinfecting and sanitising, which not only keeps germs and bacteria at bay but also keeps your favourite carpet and rug looking clean and new!

Contact us on: +65 9782 2035  or email us on for all your carpet cleaning requirements

Other Cleaning Services From SparkCleanz

Our best cleaners in Singapore are also prepared to provide you with a variety of other professional cleaning services other than carpet cleaning services. Check out our  house and office cleaning services

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