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Contract Office Cleaning

Ensure maximum productivity by providing a clean office space for your employees

Providing a safe, clean, germ-free and high-quality environment is essential for everyone working in the office. It maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. By improving indoor air circulation and the workplace, it allows your employees to concentrate better and preventing them to fall sick easily. 

Let us help you establish a business facility with a fresh and clean look that leaves a positive impression on clients and mirrors your good business reputation. 


Work with SparkCleanz, your trusted cleaning choice for office cleaning in Singapore. 

"Great company to work with and very responsive. We wanna give compliments to Lala for doing a great job of keeping the office clean and tidy. We appreciate! Thank you very much."

Karen, Office Cellmark Asia

Standard Tasks

Surface Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Dusting or wiping of furniture, table and surface tops, and cleaning of phones


Toilet Cleaning

Wiping of mirror, washing and disinfecting of basin, toilet bowl and floors


Trash Clearing

Emptying of trash of wastepaper bucket and clearing of rubbish 



Vacuum or sweeping and mopping of all the floors within the office

Windows & Doors Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Cleaning of window interior, wipe out marks or fingerprints from reflective surfaces

Kitchen Cleaning

Pantry Cleaning

Wiping of table, counter top, appliances surface and washing of sink

Please note :​

  1. Minimum cleaning duration of 2 hours per session applies.

  2. The above mentioned tasks can be customized according to your cleaning needs.

  3. Cleaning materials and equipment can be arranged according to Customer's requirements if required.

  4. All cleaning to be carried out within reachable height of the cleaner. No standing on chair or climbing of ladder.

Excluded Tasks

No Cleaning Of Exterior Window

NO Moving of Object more than 5Kg

No Cleaning Ceiling Fan and Lights

NO High Access Areas Cleaning

No Cleaning Oven And Fridge

NO Upholstery Stain Cleaning

Disclaimer : 

Do understand that we reserve the right to turn down service if there are unforeseen circumstances that may make our helpers uncomfortable or put them in harm’s way. As much as we would like to please every one of our customers, our helper’s well-being is of utmost priority and we sincerely apologize if we are not able to service you due to unforeseen reason that are not mentioned above.

Our Pricing

Whether it is daily or weekly cleaning, SparkCleanz can help you customize a competitive package based on reasonable office cleaning rates. We are committed to providing unparalleled commercial office cleaning services.

Before taking on office cleaning projects, we always listen to customer cleaning needs before making recommendations based on requirements and specific problem areas. The scope of work and human traffic will determine each session's duration and frequency of the office cleaning.

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