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Spring Cleaning Hacks For Upcoming Holiday Or Special Occasions

Updated: 6 days ago

People are given a new beginning and time to refresh their lives with spring cleaning. But spring cleaning actually has a long history. When people used to heat their homes with fireplaces and wood stoves during the chilly rainy days, they took the time during the hot sunny days to clean off the soot that had accumulated over time. In Singapore, the term "Spring Cleaning" typically refers to the house cleaning service done in advance of any big event, such as the Chinese New Year (CNY) which is also known as the “Spring festival”. Even if you do not celebrate CNY, it is a fantastic family tradition to declutter and begin the new year with a spotless home!

Let's look at some spring cleaning tips that will allow you to brighten up your home easily.

1. Reduce cleaning by decluttering

Clearing the clutter should be done frequently. However, if you are a hoarder or a procrastinator, we can appreciate how dreaded this spring cleaning session must be for you. Start by throwing away products that are no longer in use, whether they are cosmetics, toiletries, or canned food in the cellar.

2. Simple D.I.Y. window washing solutions

Do you detest washing the windows as well? Perhaps, for this reason, people frequently put off doing this domestic duty until it becomes the "annual affair that cannot be put off." Try this Do-It-Yourself window washing solution, which combines warm water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio, to finish this required spring cleaning activity. Get rid of old newspapers at the same time by using them to make the window glass shine!

3. Easily and safely remove tough food stains from microwaves.

It can be challenging to clean up microwave stains from old food. Do a "steam" before you scrub to cut the cleaning time in half and avoid spending hours attempting to get it clean. Start by adding 1 to 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of white vinegar, and a few drops of your preferred essential oil to a microwave-safe bowl. Put this bowl of mixture in the microwave for a few minutes to heat. After that, wipe down the microwave's interior with a towel dampened with lemon water. A wooden skewer or bamboo chopstick should be placed in the bowl of water mixture to prevent superheating.

4. Basic ingredients to remove stubborn stains around the stove

Despite your eagerness to begin your spring cleaning, planning ahead could help you save time and energy. Instead of using dishwasher liquid and a cloth to immediately wipe the stove, gather some slat, soda bread, vinegar and alcohol. To start, remove any debris or other easily removable materials using a moist towel. Sprinkle baking soda after that and clean with a soft brush before wiping away. Do the same thing with the salt. Use this 1:3:1 mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and salt to clean your stove if any persistent stains are still present. Making a paste out of the components, apply it to the damaged areas using a spoon. Don't move it for at least an hour or the entire night. Start scraping with a wooden spoon after that. To finish, use rubbing alcohol to clean off and sanitize the entire kitchen top (apart from the burners).

5. Remove rust on toilet pipes easily with Aluminum foil

You've probably used aluminum foil to pack your homemade meals, but did you realize that its use goes beyond simply keeping food warm? Aluminum foil can be helpful, especially in your bathroom. Long-lasting pipes have a tendency to fall apart (copper pipes may corrode) and cause leaks. Simply dunk a strip of aluminum foil in water and gently brush the wet foil on the corroded areas to quickly eliminate rust and maintain the pipes.

5. D.I.Y. non-toxic fizzy toilet bombs

Fizzy toilet bombs will be a lifesaver if you're a first-time homeowner learning the difficult techniques of deodorising and disinfecting a toilet for the first time in your life! Simply place it in the toilet's bowl and flush once the fizzing stops. The washing machine and bathtub may both be cleaned with these. Baking soda and citric acid must be combined in a 2:1 ratio before being sprayed with vinegar to dampen the mixture in order to generate these fizzy bombs. Add a few drops of essential oil after securely packing it into any ice cube or jelly molds. Before using, let the fizzy bombs dry in an airtight container for a whole night.

5. Make the house plants shine with banana peels.

You can easily take care of your plants simply by consuming a banana and wiping the leaves with the peel. Banana peel's texture and oils act as a light polish and abrasive.

Hiring Spring Cleaning Services In Singapore

You won't have enough time to complete all the spring cleaning if your calendar is really busy. The most effective option is to hire a spring cleaning service to handle the cleaning for you. SparkCleanz spring cleaning service offers you well-experienced, expert cleaning professionals who can relieve you of all your cleaning tasks during festive seasons and special occasions of your life. We offer all kinds end of Tenancy or Handover Cleaning Services, pre-move in cleaning, post renovation cleaning and spring cleaning services prior to festive seasons or special occasions

To learn more about our spring cleaning services, visit SparkCleanz ; Your Trusted Cleaning Services in Singapore.

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