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Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are incorporated with dust, dirt and odor from all around the house or office areas. It frequently absorb smells like coffee, food aroma and cigarette smoke. Because of this, curtains are left smelling less than fragrant and cause some stains. So the birth of curtain cleaning has came an aid.

SparkCleanz provides curtain cleaning with removal and installation to its clients from residential to commercial establishments. Our curtain cleaning services are laundry and dry clean depending on the material or fabric of the curtain. Our removal and Installation involves carefully taking down of curtains from its area and installing them back once it is cleaned.

Our Pricing

Please note :​

  1. Customer will be informed of any parts found faulty during servicing, additional cost will be advised to the Customer if replacement is requested/required at the Customer's approval.

  2. If additional gas top-up is required for normal aircon servicing, additional charges applies at the Customer's approval.

  3. Additional surcharge applies for service site within CBD and Sentosa areas.

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